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fire & smoke damage

It takes no time at all for a fire to spark up, it can be from a dropped cigarette or even a hot oil pan fire, we see it to many times and with each case we have to move in and get the clean up done fast. A recent fire we had to go out to was caused by an electrical fire in an attic with rats getting in a chewing through cables. The whole roof went up and lucky no one was hurt and the owners got out safely. The fire service were fantastic and got there quickly to extinguish the flames but the owners were left with not only fire and smoke damage but water damage also from the fire hoses being used to douse the flames.

Our job is to come in and get to work with making sure anything of value you want to look for is out of the house and the place is boarded up and fenced off so no kids end up going in to the house or intruders. We then look at helping you get everything stripped out that is damaged, carpets and floors plus drywall. Whatever is needed we can get rid of it to strip it back to shell and clean up any water in the building and get the place dry again. Once the place is looking less like a disaster zone we get to work with getting the renovation done and this will include whatever is needed, new roof, floors, drywall you name it we can do it. This will all be sorted also by dealing with your insurance company so you are not paying out of pocket. If you do not have house insurance then we can work out a payment plan with you to get you back in your home sooner rather than later.

We suggest that you get a home inspection done if you have not had one recently to make sure all the electrics and everything else is up to code. It can cost you a bit upfront but it really is worth it and it could save your life. Checking the fuse board and general state of the wiring is easy and it can bring a home up to code and add value in the long run to a property.

Things we do when a property is fire damaged are as follows:

  • Inspect the place and salvage any items for you.
  • Make sure the building is secure and safe from intruders.
  • Notify your insurance company to sort out the assessment process so you can get money back to fix the place.
  • Start the clean up and drying process while getting rid of water and fire damaged goods.
  • Give you a timeline of when the work is expected to be done and hand you the keys to your brand new looking house.

It’s all very simple and you will be very impressed with our services and the overall end results.


our services

  • Water damage repair
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration
  • Mold Removal and inspection
  • Bio hazard clean up
  • Puff back clean up
  • Flood damage repair and water removal
  • Sewer backup clean up
  • Carpet cleaning and removal


Date: February 22 2013
Brandon Boyd
"When hurricane Wilma hit back in 2005 my place got battered, to the point where windows were put through and water was gushing in. My place looked like a mess and I was distraught, I managed to get hold of these guys and they got out to me straight away and went to work in restoring my place back to its former glory."

Date: May 08 2013
Tammy Rose
"My granddad managed to burn my guest room when he let a cigarette fall on to the bed. Luckily we managed to put the fire out and not too much damage was done but the amount of soot and smoke just in that small amount of time made the place stink! Water Damage Florida come out and gave me a great price to clean the place and deodorize to make it smell fresh and clean again. "

Date: October 15 2013
Tim Vincent
"We bought a place and when we did the home survey mold was found under the sink and in the walls, it was a big, should we get this place? Well after getting a credit from the seller we had Water Damage Florida come and treat it for us. They did a great job and made sure all of it was killed and showed us pictures and gave us some great advice. I am so happy we bought this place now and the mold is gone, yay!"