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Just the thought of finding mold in your house will probably make your toes curl. It’s generally very unpleasant and it can be a major cause of illness such as allergies and even worse in some cases like breathing issues long term. No one wants that and on top of that it will eat away at your home and cause all sorts of issues and spread rapidly.

There can be a few causes of this mold and it is normally down to dampness from somewhere. If you have had a leaky faucet that you have not fixed and it’s been dripping for sometime then it has probably leaked in to your wall or under the kick board. All that water and damp will eventually turn moldy and it will spread, to the point where it will ruin anything and everything in those dark enclosed spaces. We will need to come in and inspect the area and decided on the best treatment needed to remedy the problem. It normally does not take us long to determine the extent of the damage and we will use the most up to date tools to get it done while minimizing the disruption to you and your family.

Believe it or not there are also other types of mold that you have to look out for, you will normally smell mold or even see it. If you have that nasty damp smell happening in any part of your home then there is a good chance that you have mold growing. You will normally know mold is around by generally feeling asthma symptoms and itchy sore eyes and in some cases forgetfulness. It really does affect your health and this is something that can be fixed very easily by a professional outfit like us.

Some tips to keep mold out of your home can be as simple as keeping the humidity levels as low as you can. It wants to be well below the 45% mark and if you are running an AC unit or a de-humidify it will help achieve that by taking the moisture out of the air. Make sure you also have adequate ventilation, especially in areas like bathrooms which need extractor fans to pump out the steam and moisture. If you are cleaning your home you can buy from a local home goods store mold cleaners that are great in killing off mold after just a few sprays from a bottle. If you have carpet in a bathroom then you should tear it out because it will get damp and moist over time and trap moisture which will cause mold. Put down an easy to clean floor that will dry quickly.

In some cases your mold might need testing to see the strain of it and the best way to treat it and we will do that for you by taking it to our labs to conduct some tests and see what the best solution is to kill it off. You should not have to suffer and we will do everything to make it a safe environment for you.


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Date: February 22 2013
Brandon Boyd
"When hurricane Wilma hit back in 2005 my place got battered, to the point where windows were put through and water was gushing in. My place looked like a mess and I was distraught, I managed to get hold of these guys and they got out to me straight away and went to work in restoring my place back to its former glory."

Date: May 08 2013
Tammy Rose
"My granddad managed to burn my guest room when he let a cigarette fall on to the bed. Luckily we managed to put the fire out and not too much damage was done but the amount of soot and smoke just in that small amount of time made the place stink! Water Damage Florida come out and gave me a great price to clean the place and deodorize to make it smell fresh and clean again. "

Date: October 15 2013
Tim Vincent
"We bought a place and when we did the home survey mold was found under the sink and in the walls, it was a big, should we get this place? Well after getting a credit from the seller we had Water Damage Florida come and treat it for us. They did a great job and made sure all of it was killed and showed us pictures and gave us some great advice. I am so happy we bought this place now and the mold is gone, yay!"