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water damage repair Port St Lucie

Port St Lucie has been known for some pretty harsh storms and weather in its time, so that means when a storm does hit your house has to be 100% ready to brace the impact of it. If not you will normally find the water will find its way in and this will cause water damage and in even worst cases flood damage.

We have serviced countless homes in Port St Lucie to fix areas that have sustained serious water damage due to bad weather. That is the one thing about our business is we have very experienced water damage technicians who will be able to get in and quickly rectify any issues you have going on.

We also encounter a great deal of fire damage in Port St Lucie because the summer months get so hot its really very common for a place to get some damage sometimes from just a bush fire landing ambers on your home and the roof going up in flames. We have a specialized team that service the area of Port St Lucie to quickly address the problem and get it sorted.

We also deal with mold and mildew which is common because Port St Lucie can get so humid from time to time that it brings a fair amount of extra moister to the air. If you have not got a good air conditioning unit or de-humidifier then that moister is going to build up in your property and make it feel damp. And we all know with dampness comes mold. Because every home and business has mold spores floating around as soon as you get moister it makes it the perfect catalyst to start mold and fungus growth. So make sure all areas are kept clean during those humid months and if you do notice mold growth then give us a call.

Sometimes in colder months when you have to turn the heating on you might have something called puff back happen to you. This is when you turn the heating on for the first time in a while and all the soot in the unit and vents blows out black soot all over your home. It can be messy and it gets everywhere so we have a special team that will come in and clean up the home and take care of all the of that damage.

If you have any more questions that you would like to discuss with us and our professionals in Port St Lucie then please feel free to call us so we can go over your options and restoration solutions.


our services

  • Water damage repair
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration
  • Mold Removal and inspection
  • Bio hazard clean up
  • Puff back clean up
  • Flood damage repair and water removal
  • Sewer backup clean up
  • Carpet cleaning and removal


Date: February 22 2013
Brandon Boyd
"When hurricane Wilma hit back in 2005 my place got battered, to the point where windows were put through and water was gushing in. My place looked like a mess and I was distraught, I managed to get hold of these guys and they got out to me straight away and went to work in restoring my place back to its former glory."

Date: May 08 2013
Tammy Rose
"My granddad managed to burn my guest room when he let a cigarette fall on to the bed. Luckily we managed to put the fire out and not too much damage was done but the amount of soot and smoke just in that small amount of time made the place stink! Water Damage Florida come out and gave me a great price to clean the place and deodorize to make it smell fresh and clean again. "

Date: October 15 2013
Tim Vincent
"We bought a place and when we did the home survey mold was found under the sink and in the walls, it was a big, should we get this place? Well after getting a credit from the seller we had Water Damage Florida come and treat it for us. They did a great job and made sure all of it was killed and showed us pictures and gave us some great advice. I am so happy we bought this place now and the mold is gone, yay!"